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General Questions




01. Do you bring props to our session?


We do not bring props. If you would like to include something special for your session such as chalkboards, blankets, or accessories( sunglasses, hats, etc), then we would be more than happy to play with them during your session!  


02. What is the difference between the Basic & the Ultimate Sessions?


There are a few differences between these sessions.  The main difference is the number of families and people being photographed.  A Basic session is just for an immediate family meaning two parents and their children. The Ultimate session is for multiple families meaning two parents, their grown children, and their families. It is usually including two generations of families: cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.  Because so many members of a family are being photographed in an Ultimate session (whole family, individual families, cousins only, individual kids, grandparents & grandkids, etc.) it requires a little more time during our session and in post production. The listed cost of the session includes up to 12 family members.  It is a $10 per person charge to add more members to your session. The other main difference has to do with the number of images that come with each of these sessions. The Basic session comes with 25 high resolution digital images with the option to purchase more. The Ultimate session comes with all the best final edited images that we pulled from your session.  This way families don't have to stress out about narrowing down their favorite images per family.


03. How are final images delivered?


After you select your final images from a gallery of edited images, we will email you a gallery with files that you can download onto your computer. Images can be downloaded in high resolution or web-sized. We recommend high resolution for printing purposes.


04. What should we wear to our session?


We get this question A LOT! First & foremost, we tell people to wear what they are comfortable wearing.  If you should wear something that is uncomfortable, it will reflect in your pictures so be sure to dress comfortably. If you are preparing for a maternity session, it is important to wear something that will show off the bump since it is the main focus of the session.  Secondly, we tell people to think about colors. Thinking about where you plan to hang or display your pictures is something to take into consideration.  If you want to print color images, colors that complement a main living room, family room, or bedroom are a good idea.  You can also consider colors that complement hair & skin colors, too. Once you've chosen a few colors, we often tell people to think about mixing prints, solids, & textures. For example, boys could wear navy prints while the girls would be in yellow solids. Play with texture by adding jean jackets, textured scarves, skirts, dresses, or other clothing.  We even highly suggest looking on PINTREST or Internet search engines to create something called a "mood board" to get clothing ideas.









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